On a Roll

Wow, we have had 2 great doctor appointments in a row. I posted last time about pulmonary going so well. Last week Casey had an ENT appointment. Usually the ENT has to vacuum Casey’s left ear to clean out the cholesteoma. This is never fun for any of us. It has to be done to keep the ear healthy and prevent a full ear reconstructive surgery. This time we went in expecting the usual. Instead the doctor took a peek and said it all looks great. I don’t know if Casey or the doctor was happier.

We had a rough weekend. Casey was not feeling well. She started to get a little sick Saturday. She seemed so miserable. Around Wednesday she seemed to be done with fevers. Casey was still fussy and not happy though. Yesterday afternoon she finally started to perk up. She went right to be last night and we thought for sure that with a good night’s sleep she would be all better today.

The good night’s sleep did not happen. Around 4:am Casey was up. I was up a little before that as well. It dropped into the 20’s last night (very cold for this area). We had to run the heater. We did not have it set high at all. However, it ran enough to make the air really dry. I was uncomfortable myself. I was not very surprised when I heard Casey up. She is very hot natured like me. It may have been a combination of the dry air and remnants of her cold. What ever it was, Casey did not get a good night’s sleep.

She started the morning off a little rocky, but I think she is feeling MUCH better now. She has been talking and playing some. Her heart rate is back down too. We plan to have a quiet weekend. I expect she will be able to get back to her routine by Monday. Tim grabbed a humidifier over lunch. I think that should help too.

I think we finally found a nurse. We have had Tuesday & Thursday covered for a little while. Starting today we have a nurse that seems to be a good fit for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I think Casey likes her. If things continue to go well, then I think we are done looking for a day nurse.

I think that is about it for now. We hope everyone is doing well.

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