Our New Home

We have moved!!!  Monday after work Tim and I started loading the truck (& worked through the night).  Tuesday we had some scheduling issues with nursing so Casey ended up going to closing with us.  As soon as we got the keys we headed to new place to start unloading.  Luckily we had a nurse by that time to stay with Casey.  My sister and a friend came to help- thank goodness.  We did 2 truck loads and a few van loads Tuesday.  We were able to get most of the house moved.  Casey seems to like it.  Her fairy room is not quite ready, but we’re getting there.  We’ll post some pics as soon as its ready.  We love the new house and the neighborhood.  I think we’re going to be really happy here.  We’ll send an email out in the next few days to close friends and family with our new address.  
We hope everyone is doing well.  For all those getting back to school we hope you have a fantastic school year 🙂
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