Party Prep

Casey had a good week. Tim and I both had doctor appointments on Tuesday morning (luckily in the same building) so we all went. Casey was able to visit the doctor and NOT be a patient. She was so funny. My doctor wears scrubs and bent down to talk to Casey. Casey just froze. She was silent, didn’t move at all. I think she thought if she didn’t call attention to herself no one would know she was there. If the doctor didn’t know she was there then she would not mess with her. As soon as my doctor left the room Casey went back to her animated self. She is a silly little girl sometimes 🙂

My doctor gave me the okay to start doing stuff again. I have been able to pick up Casey and do stuff around the house again. Thank goodness, so much to do before this weekends party. Casey tested out my newly allowed pick up privilege right away. After my appointment we waited in the lobby while Tim saw his doctor. The lobby started to fill up and once it got about as full as it could she had a big stinky poo. She is great at timing those just right. We got cleaned up and back to the lobby just as Tim came in. When we got in the car to go home and she realized she was not going to be a patient she totally relaxed and took a good nap.

One of the many things we had to do before visitors and Casey’s party was to get her room all set up. I bought a bed off Craig’s List a while back and we had to put a lot of work into it. We had to strip it, sand it then paint it. I love the bed, but it had a lot of details that made the project a big one. I finished paining just before my surgery. We had to order side rails to finish it out. That ended up being a lot more work than expected. the store we ordered from kept messing up and ordering the wrong ones. They finally delivered the correct ones (at half price) Saturday morning. Tim got it all put together today. She went and laid on the bed in her new PJs earlier. She seems to like it. She still sleeps with us so we can hear her for suctioning and stuff, but maybe we can put her in her room for naps and stuff.

I think we have everything all set for this weeks events. Tim’s mom and brother get in on Thursday. My sister and her little boy may come in Thursday as well. We don’t have an exact day on them yet. My mom and John get in Saturday just in time for the party. It looks like it will be a good party. Most of Casey and our friends will be able to make it. We are doing a Horton theme. I think she will really like it. I was looking back at last year’s party pictures. She is SOOOO much bigger. It is amazing how much she has grown over just 1 year.

We have been working on moving photos from our old web site to Flickr so we can then link in to it on her site. Once we get it all set up we will let everyone know. We will link to it from her photo page too. This way anyone that wants to see more photos can.

I think that’s about it for now. We will be pretty busy this week, but as soon as we get a chance after the party we will post pictures and details for everyone. We can’t wait to see everyone. Casey is very excited too!

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