There is often a lot of out-of-pocket cost for medical equipment, or in many cases once we get an item we can not get another for 3-5 years. This tool is designed to help make these purchases/selections a little easier. You can search by type and then read what other families think, good and bad, before you buy. We have all purchased that big ticket item to realize a few months later that we really needed something else. We hope that by adding as much user feedback and as many items as we can to this tool that this will no longer be such a huge challenge. Please add your comments, add any items we don't already have, and please share this tool with other families. We are all in this together. Add New Product Reviews Product reviews may include: Medical Equipment of any kind, toys, clothes, or anything you need/use to care for a medically involved person.

This image indicates and item that is typically covered partially or completely by insurance/Medicaid.

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