Recovering Well

Tim is finally starting to feel a lot better. He is still taking some pain pills, but much less than before. He is able to walk some and stays awake downstairs most of the day now. The only bad side is that he is also starting to get very stir crazy. We went out yesterday to get him a new video game so he has something to keep him busy other than TV. On the way home he was feeling so much better he suggested we stop at the Farmer’s Market. He and Casey both did great walking around in the market for a little bit. We didn’t stay long, but they both did great.

On the way home the car seemed to be driving funny so I pulled over to check. Some how I ran over a nail and bolt. I could see the bolt sticking out of the tire when I stopped. Luckily it had not gone flat yet. Being that I can’t change it and I am surly not going to let Tim change it I decided I needed to get right away to have it fixed. I brought Tim and Casey home then started calling around to see who was open on Sunday. After about 3 calls I found a Discount Tire open on Pico and 24th (very close to our house). As soon as Casey fell asleep for her nap I took the car in. They needed to keep it for a few hours so I ended up walking/jogging home so I could get here before Casey woke up from her nap. Then when the car was ready Casey and I took a cab (her first cab ride) to pick it up. We had to wait about 15 minutes when we got there. While we waited we met another man waiting for his car. Such a small world. It turned out that he works for the Westside Regional Center where we get a lot of services for Casey. He is a child advocate. He has a 7 year old disabled child and said he got fed up with the way people treated him and her and decided to change his entire career/life to work in a way that he could help other families. He was a really nice guy. When our car was finally ready they told me not to worry about paying. They said I had to wait longer than planned and it would take another 5-10 minutes to get paperwork done. Rather than waiting more, since I had Casey and needed to get home to Tim and being that they just patched a hole they told me to go and just come back for my next tire needs. What a nice thing to do. If anyone has tire needs I highly suggest going to Discount Tire.

After the day finally came to an end Casey and Tim were both fully exhausted. We have a week full of doctor appointments this week. Casey’s new car seat should get here today. I am sure that will make the rest of the week much easier. We ope everyone is doing well.

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