Rock, Rock and More Rock

The pool installation officially started on Monday of last week.  This part of Texas is known to have very rocky soils.  They got about a foot, maybe a little more, then hit rock.  For the past week it has been a lot of jack-hammering.  Casey is not a fan of the noise.  Her room is on the opposite side of the house so she has been spending a lot more time in her room than usual.  Luckily she likes her room.  What’s not like, fairies, flowers, and pink everywhere.  For Christmas she got some new fairy decorations to add as well.  The
picture is her “Dream Fairy” sending her pixie dust for good dreams. 

The pool project is expected to be about 6 weeks, so we are just getting started.  We are all very excited about the final product.  It is going to be so great to get Casey in the water and loosen up those still little joints. 

Her seizures are a lot better, maybe 1-2 times a week now versus the 4-6 times a week we had been dealing with.  Her doctors are working to get the bleeding under control and the seizures go along with that.  She has another respiratory bug now, and sadly I am not surprised.  With the bleeding we have not been able to do her aggressive respiratory treatments so she is more prone to pneumonia.  We are working with her doctors though and hope to have a better approach to keeping her healthy.   Her blood count is finally in a healthy range.  It took some time to get her out of the anemic range, but we were able to stop the iron last week.  

Casey had Botox injections last week to loosen up her armpits and hands.  Her teacher and school PT came today and both noticed improvements, so that is very good to hear.  Her poor little armpits are so raw from her being so stiff and rolled in.  I really hope that Botox and soaking in the pool (as soon as it’s ready) will help improve her skin breakdown issues. 

I think that is about it for updates right now.  Tim set up a camera to capture photos of the pool each day.  When it’s done he is going to make a cool time lapse to show the entire transition.   We are putting in a really small pool; I can only imagine the time and noise that would go with a big pool.  We hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the nice spring weather (if you have nice weather that is).

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