School Update

Casey’s school has created a medically fragile classroom/program. They designed it largely based on Casey’s needs. It has been kind of exciting. We have been given the opportunity to help design the program. The classroom is being built in Casey’s home campus (just down the street). To start she will be the only student. There are 2 other kids that may join her soon.

We are going to take baby steps. In April Casey will start going to school. She will go for 1 hour, 2 days a week. We will slowly work up her endurance. Next year the goal is to have her attend school for 6 hours a week. This may be 3 days at 2 hours each or 2 days at 3 hour each- what ever seems to fit Casey best.

They have ordered a lot of special equipment to help create a safe and comfortable learning environment. The district has put a lot into the program. All of the staff we have been working with are very excited about the new class. Casey is getting excited about it too. She has been reading lots of books about going to school. She’s been watching lots of shows about school. Her therapists have been bringing things by for her to see what will be waiting for her at the school. I think she will like it.

On Thursday when we went to see the class and work out a schedule things were not fully in place. They showed us pictures of everything that is on order, and we saw what they did have. They expect over the next week or 2 to finish setting things up. We will take lots of pictures when we go up for the official first day of school.

We are excited for Casey. This is a HUGE step for her (and us). We feel good about it. The school has listened to our concerns. They have done a good job addressing all of our safety needs. I am sure with it being a new classroom and a new program there will be some adjustments as things get going. It’s very exciting. Casey’s nurse will be going to school with her. I think she is almost as excited as Casey. We will keep everyone posted with pictures and details. Now I just need to find the perfect first day of school outfit for the princess.

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