I love getting signs from Casey. I don’t get them everyday, and sometimes I seem to get more than others, but I love the little messages she sends me to let me know she is okay. I always knew I would be here without her one day, and I did my best to make the most of the days we had while still preparing for our inevitable future. There were 2 things I always hoped for. First was that when she was ready and let me know, that I would not miss her signal or misinterpret it for selfish reasons. Second was that she would find a way to let me know she was okay and not suffering.

I asked Tim the other day if he gets little signs and he said not as often. I wish she could find a way to let him know she is okay too, but I am so thankful for the signs she sends me. A few days ago I was missing her a lot (that is every moment of every day really). One way I feel connected to her is to just float around in the pool. I was sitting in her chaise drying off after. She always loved to lay in the sun on those chairs. When I looked up into the sky there were perfect white fluffy clouds scattered across. Right in the middle, the clouds made a big “C”. I smiled and thought of her doing all of her arts & crafts and how much she loved her name and the letter “C”. Then I glanced back and the “C” had dissolved into a heart shaped cloud. I knew she did that; she knew I was missing her a lot right then. I see little things like this often and they help get me through the day.

Some of Casey’s nurses, teachers and friends have told me they get little signs from Casey too. She is a busy girl up there. I treasure these signs. One of these days I will find a way to schedule a one-on-one appointment with the Long Island Medium and actually talk to Casey too.

Tim and I have been working hard to get Casey’s Circle going. We got our official non-profit status pretty quickly and have since been trying to lock in the events we want to do, some fundraising ideas, and ideas for online education to help kids like Casey as well. We have made some progress and it has been good to have a way to keep doing the work Casey started. It has been hard for me to get back into writing, but I am working on it and have some ideas.

We are working on confirming the dates for all of our holiday events now. Hopefully I will post a save-the-date with more details soon.

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