It has been a long week around here.  We are not sure what is going on with Casey.  She started doing this crazy thing when we would take her to bed EVERY night.  She would look fine for 15-30 minutes, then her heart rate would shoot up and her oxygen would fall.  We would have to get oxygen out and load her up with Tylenol- which did not seem to phase her.  Then we would get the morphine which also didn’t seem to help.  She would cry and cry and nothing seemed to help.  This would go on until about 1-2AM every night and then she would come down a little to rest- not sleep.  We spent the entire day in the ER yesterday getting everything checked out.  We came home with increased pain medicine, but no real answers.  She got a lot of fluids and is not having much out for wet diapers.  We had to cath her today and she was holding in a lot.  She did go on her own tonight though.  We are hoping with the increased pain medicine that she will finally get some sleep tonight (fingers crossed).  We are still planning to get her to the recital on Saturday.  If she can get some good rest and we can get a handle on her pain I think she will be fine by Saturday.  We will upload pictures and video from the recital.  We can’t wait.  I am sure she will steal the show.

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