The meeting with the school district went well today. We had our face to face a few weeks back where they just came out and met Casey and got things started back at the office. Today they came out and I had to sign a bunch of consent forms for them to gather medical info from her doctors then they did their own evaluation/questionnaire where they just had a ton of standard questions they asked me to get an idea of what types of things Casey does now, and what she is working toward. I HATE standard forms. They are so frustrating for medically complicated kids. Every time we change programs, doctors, etc we have to go through filling these types of forms out and every time I get so frustrated with the types of measures they use. I have told myself they are just doing their job and try not to let it bother me, but oh it does.

So anyway, they paperwork done today will go back with them and they will start lining up the rest. The remaining therapists will come out to meet Casey and do their own evaluations. Then they form a committee with the therapists (new and old) and some school representatives. I will meet with this committee and basically we all decide what therapies Casey would and would not benefit from and the frequency that she should get these. After that she should be all set. On her 3rd birthday (not the end of the month but her actual date) she will switch over to the new program.

My grandpa had a minor heart surgery (I know, oxymoron) this morning. I heard from my mom earlier that it went well. He should only be there one night. I just wanted to post for him to let him know we are all thinking of him. We hope he has a speedy recovery.

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