The Big Show

Casey had her recital last night and she did a great job.  All of the kids did great.  We are so fortunate to have an organization like Legacy of Hope in our area to offer programs like 2Dance2Dream for Casey and other kids with complex needs.  Being able to see Casey take the stage was such a gift and the entire night is one we will forever treasure.  Casey made lots of new friends in her dance class.  Last night she had so much fun seeing her friends and showing off all of the hard work they have put in.  Afterward they all got trophies (Casey’s was purple- so perfect), flowers and lots of praise.  It really was a wonderful, magical event.  I am so glad that some of our families and friends were able to join us to cheer Casey on as well.  For those that missed the show- we do have some videos to share.  Of course when Casey was on stage the camera followed her, but for the other performances Tim was able to get most of the dancers.  There were a few other performers that he knew so he did get more of them for their parents, but regardless the videos are still so sweet and special.  I am sure I will watch them all over and over again myself.  Enjoy!

Intro Video
Parent Video
A Message from 2Dance2Dream
The Gift of a Friend
Who Says (no sound- copyright issue)
Stepping Stones
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
California Gurlz
Finale- I like to Move It (link will be added soon)

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