The Pool is Done

We were just a few days past Casey’s birthday to fill up the pool.  We are all loving it.  Casey has gone out almost everyday for at least a little while.  Its still a little chilly so she is happier putting her feet in and sitting around the pool right now than actually swimming.  I am sure in the next few weeks the air and water will get much warmer and we will have to drag her out of it.

Tim built us some planters to go around the pool.  The plants in them are pretty small right now, but in a year or so they are going to look great.  We started to go with bamboo, but it was more maintenance than we had time to deal with.  If we just let them go it would be too bushy and block the walkway.  We ended up going with Althea instead.  Tim and I both really like these and they grow to be the perfect size.

Casey used to hate to be in the sun, but for some reason she seems to be totally content sitting in the sun next to her pool.  She has been getting really mad if anyone goes out to the pool without her too, little stinker.  She knows its her pool and she does not want anyone using it without her.

Tim created a time lapse video of the installation of the pool that came out pretty cool.

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