Trick or Treat

We just got home from Casey’s Halloween Party. She got her face painted and was able to see lots of her friends. It was pretty loud and crazy so we did not stay real long.

This year appears to be the year of the fairy. Casey picked her Flower Fairy costume out herself and then at the party a lot of the other little girls were fairies too. I guess Casey is just a little trend setter 🙂

We got home and Casey crashed. She is taking a little fairy nap now. We will have to get her dressed up again on Friday so she can help hand out candy. The costume was really hot so she took it off for today.

A new nurse came out on Monday with Casey’s case manager. I thought they were just coming out to interview and go over what we were needing. However after I went over everything they told me that she was ready to start that day. So I guess we have a new nurse now. Her name is Vicki. She and Casey got along really well. Casey was a little princess all day. She cuddled up and took a nap while Vicki held her, she spent nearly 2 hours in her chair watching videos, she talked, she was just such a good girl. Vicki will be back on Friday and after that we will have to work out a schedule for the weeks to come.

Casey has an ENT appointment tomorrow. Casey’s left ear tube came out maybe a week after her last ENT and her right tube is just sitting right inside the canal. I am guessing they will probably take the right one out and then we will just keep an eye on them. As long as she is able to fight off any infections she gets, and as long as she doesn’t get many infections I think she may be done with tubes. That would be great! One less thing that we have to deal with and even more than that one less procedure we have to put her through.

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