Tube Free, For Real

We have a home otoscope that we use to keep an eye on Casey’s eyes. A few months back we could no longer see her left ear tube at all so we figured it fell out. Shortly after that she got a small ear infection and we figured that just confirmed our original thought. About 1 month ago we took Casey to the ENT who removed her right tube and said he did not see the left one either so it must have fallen out. This afternoon I was sitting on the couch and noticed some wax on Casey’s left ear so I wiped it off with a tissue. Right afterward I noticed something sitting on her ear where the wax was. It was her left tube. I have no idea where she has been hiding it, but she is really ear tube free now.

Casey is doing pretty good on the new medicine. She has been sleeping so much better. We are still working on the dose so she is a little less drowsy in the morning. Once we get the right balance I think she will be much happier.
No prospects for a new nurse yet. Hopefully sometime soon we will get some candidates. We will keep you all posted.

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