Last week we had a lot going on. Casey had her mouth checked again. The dentist said she could see some teeth cutting in. This is VERY good news. As much as we hate that Casey is having a hard time teething, at least it is just teeth. The dentist made sure there is no growths or infections or anything to cause alarm. We can handle teeth.

Casey also had an ENT appointment. Her ear is stable. We get it checked and cleaned out every few months since the cholestemoa. As for now, we just continue what we have been doing – keep it dry, keep it clean and come in every couple of months. Casey hates to have the doctor clean out her ear. He gets way in there and suctions out the gunk. I think we can deal with her being upset a few minutes every couple of months versus putting her through a huge surgery.

Casey had her AFO’s redone. It was really funny. The tech tried on the shoes and Casey would yell at her. She then went and made adjustments and tried again. Each try Casey would yell. She did this 4-5 times. Then all of a sudden she must have gotten it. She put them on and Casey was like, “Oh, okay, these work.” She has gotten very good at making sure people know when she is and is not happy. It’s amazing how much she can say without being able to actually use words.

We are still having a hard time getting Casey’s wound on her ear to heal. She saw the wound nurse again this week. They have us trying a new ointment. We go back again next week to see the doctor. The good news is that it does not seem to be getting worse.

Casey’s water therapist asked her to come up today for a demo. There was a group of therapists that were learning how to use the pool. Casey loves to be the center of attention. A second trip the pool in one week, and an audience; she was loving it. She got to show off all her moves. She rolls, walks on the bottom, holds her head up, all kinds of good stuff. The trip to the pool was a reward in itself, but when she was done she got a present too. The therapists gave her a really sweet thank card and some water toys. When she came home and got her bath she had to check out all the new toys. Casey had a very good day today.

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