On May 3rd Casey went in for her 4 year appointment. This was her first full appointment with our new pediatrician. It went well. Casey got 3 out of 4 of her vaccines. We opted not to get the chicken pox vaccine. Last time she had a really bad reaction. She did get her DTap, MMR, and Polio shots. She was such a trooper. She got a cool sticker on her way out for being a big girl.

Casey had her first teeth cleaning on May 5th. She is so funny. I think she is the only kid I know that loves going to the dentist. She had a great time. She has always likes oral stimulation. The dentist and Casey got along great.

Casey finished up her ear drops last Wednesday. Her ear is looking much better. There has not been any more drainage. It smells much better too. I think her ear has healed up well. We go back to her doctor this Wednesday. I am pretty sure he will be happy with the result. He gave us plenty of refills on the drops. Next time she starts to drain a lot we can start the drops right away.

On Monday Casey went in for her annual EEG. We noticed around the holidays (when she got sick) that Casey started twitching. She seemed to twitch with dirty diapers mostly. Over the past few months the twitches went from BM’s, to all diapers, and now she is also doing it for no apparent reason. They are not violent, or full on seizures; just odd. During Casey’s EEG she did twitch a bit. This is kind of good. They were able to capture it on the test. They also recorded video so that the doctor could see what Casey was doing.

On Tuesday we went back to see the neurologist. She said that not only during the twitches, but through out the entire test she saw a lot of activity. The past 2 years Casey’s EEGs were getting better. The doctor increased Casey’s current seizure medication. We are watching her for 2 weeks. Then if we do not see any improvement we may try a new medication. We are going to schedule an MRI as well. Casey has not had an MRI since she was about 10 months old. I don’t expect them to find anything. It is not a bad idea to check though.

Casey is finishing up her school therapies this month. We may add an extra session at Dell over the summer just to keep her progression on track. We have a couple routine doctor appointment coming up this month and next. Casey has been busy so far in 2010. We can’t believe it is already mid May.

We have some family coming in town this weekend for all of the May and June holidays and birthdays. I am sure Casey will have a great time. She loves visitors. I think her pal/cousin Riley will be coming too. She and Riley always have lots of fun together.

I think that is about it for now. Tim and I are working on some new features for the site, as well as some improvements on others. Check back soon. We hope to have them in place soon. As always we hope you are all doing well.

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