Things have been busy- as usual- but good.  Casey is still having feeding issues.  She has not been able to gain weight like we had hoped and so we are spending a lot of time trying to get more calories and fluids into her each day.  Her site is still so leaky that it’s hard to know how much she is really getting.  The bile that leaks out has been causing some skin issues around the site too that just look horrible.  We have some new paste that we are putting on this week that seems to be helping some.  We have to check back in with her doctors pretty frequent while they help us to get things back on track.

Casey’s molars are coming in.  Her poor little mouth is so swollen and red.  They are all coming in at different angles and since she can’t close her mouth or bite we just have to do our best to keep the orajel loaded up for her.

Last week Casey had dance camp.  Thursday through Saturday they had 2 hours each day of dance.  She had a lot of fun and was happy to see her friends.  On Saturday they wrapped up camp with a little number they worked on all week.  They made tshirts to wear on Saturday too.  It was pretty cute. 

Casey got her very own library card.  She is such a little book worm.  She help on to her card with such pride all day.  When she made her book selections and we went to check them out she did a great job (with help) handing the librarian her card.  Of course, she somehow found elephant books.  She is so funny about her elephant books.  She loves to watch her My Little Ponies, and she likes princesses and Tinkerbell movies, but when it comes to books she always wants to get elephant books.  They can be fiction or non.  If it has an elephant she wants to read it. 

I think we are going to try and see Monsters University next week sometime.  She will love that.  She hasn’t been to a movie in a while so I think it will be a fun treat.  We’ll have to take her to see the new Despicable Me in a few weeks too.  The first one was her Make-A-Wish movie so that one is extra special.  There was a My Little Pony movie that came out this summer, but it is not playing anywhere nearby yet.  Hopefully she will be able to see it sometime soon.  If not, hopefully it will be quick to DVD. 

As always this time of year, it’s hot outside.  We are doing our best to keep cool and enjoy our summer.  We hope everyone is doing the same.  I’ll try to get some more pictures uploaded soon.

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