Spring break is over tomorrow and we go back to Casey’s usual schedule. I am so glad that she had the week off; she needed it. Last week was a bad one. Casey had some GI issues that had us about ready to pack up and head to the ER a week ago Wednesday. Right as we were about to load up, she started to perk up and seemed to be coming around. She had some GI bleeding, and fever and she would not tolerate her food at all for a few days. Over last weekend we were able to get her to tolerate her food (we had to dilute it with pedialite and work our way up to formula). We did finally get her back on track. Casey used this week off to rest and get back to normal.

She has been playing some and seems to be doing much better now. We have no idea if the issues were just Casey or if she had some sort of bug. We are very happy she is doing better and that we were able to avoid the hospital.

Casey has a full week with school, therapy and some doctor appointments (all routine- nothing major). Then next weekend some family will be in town for a couple of days. She will be a busy girl. I will try to get some new pics to post and share. As always, we hope everyone is well.

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