Casey’s glasses came in last week. They were super fast. We actually got the glasses before we even got the doctor’s report from the appointment. We are still working on getting them to fit her just right. As soon as we do I will get and post some pictures. They are really cute.

We decided to let our Tue-Thur nurse go. There were a couple of things that made us a little uneasy. We finally just decided it had been long enough and it was time to let her go. Our nursing company is trying to find someone to fill the shifts. Hopefully they will find us a good match. Until then we have a Monday and Friday nurse. They are both great. I wish we could clone them, either of them. Her Friday nurse just started today. Already they are getting along great.

On Monday we noticed Casey’s left ear (the one with the cholestioma) was draining a lot. When we looked into the ear we saw what looked like a white fluid. I had never seen this before. Drainage is good, but it was a lot. I was a bit concerned. When I called ENT they were at lunch. After that we ended up getting pretty busy. Casey already had an appointment with ENT for Wednesday. We decided to just wait until then. She did not seem to be in pain or anything so we figured another day and half would not be a problem.

On Wednesday Casey’s ENT cleaned out her ears really good. He said that the left ear had a lot of build up. The white fluid was actually moist skin. He said that the drainage we saw was probably just a part of the skin build up breaking loose and letting out some built up fluids. After he got her all cleaned out he said that the ears themselves are not bad. The left is still a concern, but it is not getting worse. We will just keep going back every couple of months and hopefully that will be plenty. He will keep an eye on her right ear too. Since the tube is out now he will keep an eye on it to determine if/when she needs another tube.

We have been able to move most of Casey’s out of the house appointments to Monday or Friday for now. The few that will come up between we will figure out as we need to. This should work for a little while. I am sure PSA will be able to find us a new nurse in the next week or 2.

That is about it for now. Hopefully I will be able to post updates on a new nurse and maybe even on the bathroom remodel getting started soon. Until then, we hope that everyone is well.

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