Casey is starting to respond to her antibiotics. She has wanted nothing but sleep and cuddles up until today. This afternoon she actually had some energy and played for a little bit. She is still junky. You can hear and feel the stuff in her lungs when she breaths. She is doing her best to cough it up. I hope that by the weekend she will be feeling a lot better.

Casey is going to see pulmonary on Friday morning. I am not sure if they will do another xray or just a clinic visit. I need to check and see if there is any problems with her antibiotic and Botox. If the doctor clears her then Casey will go in Monday for another round of Botox. This round will be hands and legs only, not salivary. The doctor is going to try the max dose in her legs to see if we can get her to relax. If not then we will not keep sticking her legs. The hands does work great though, so we will keep getting that done either way.

We got a little bad news yesterday. We are once again loosing our nurse. We have been using Angela 3-4 days a week for a little more than a month now. She just got up to speed and really comfortable with Casey. Ugh!!! Now we are back to square one. We were still looking for someone to fill in Mon-Tues, now we need someone to fill the entire week again. So frustrating. It seems like every time we get close to a routine and our comfort zone we have to start all over. Hopefully we will find someone we like soon.

The good news is that the insurance denial was overturned. Once we find a replacement nurse we are able to get it covered now. That was a mess. Luckily it only took a few days to clear up this time instead of a month.

The weather is starting to change around here. It is cool outside. Maybe once Casey gets better we can get hr out for walks and stuff. She needs to get her costume picked out for this year when she gets better too. I pulled out our Halloween decorations today and found her fairy costume from last year. She was so cute. I can’t wait to see what she picks this year.

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