Casey has grown so much over the past year and we finally decided it was time to look into a big girl wheelchair.  We have been talking with a few different places about getting one made and finally placed the order today.  Surprise, it’s going to be pink and purple.  I bet no one could have guessed that.  It will take about 3-4 months.  I think it will be much better.  Poor Casey just hangs out of her current chair.

School started Monday.  However, the teacher has Casey on a delayed start.  The first few days is so crazy that they like to wait to bring Casey into the mix.  She will start Friday.  The plan is to do 2 hours a day 3 days a week.  We may have to play with the schedule some to get it just right.  Last week Casey got all ready.  We took her shopping.  She loves to pick out her clothes.  This year it was all about the sparkle.  She has a very glittery purple shirt for the first day.  I think she MAY like being the center of attention, just a little bit.  Her nurse, Jodi, used to do hair and so she brought in her scissors and gave Casey a fresh new cut for school.  They did mani and pedis last week too.  I told Tim that I think we have hot the nurse lotto.  Casey really has some amazing nurses that take great care of her.  This week Casey is getting the last of her lazy days done, then it is back to a full schedule for her.

Casey starts her ballet class next week.  She has been practicing the ballerina bun, and picked out some tutu skirts on her shopping trip.  I think that is about it for now.  I will try to post pictures of school and dance next week.  Until then, we hope everyone is well.

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