Casey had a fun weekend. Her Uncle Ken came in on Friday so he and Tim could do the Longhorn Half Iron Man. They both did really good. Casey and I watched the web cast and cheered them on from the couch. Tim got her a little t-shirt from the race the day before. She wore it all day while we cheered for them.

After the race everyone was so tired. Everyone was in bed and asleep before 9. Ken had to head back today. Casey loves when family comes to town.

On Saturday we got a call to confirm something we had been working on last week. We are officially changing nursing services. PSA called Saturday to confirm that they will be here tomorrow to admit Casey as a PSA patient. Then starting Wednesday morning they have a full time nurse ready to go. If she does not work out they have a few others as backups as well. I am so hopefully optimistic about this.

It was really hard to make the choice to change. We really liked our case manager and his boss at Maxim. They were always so helpful when we needed them. They just could not come up with the resources to fill our needs. We could not put off Casey having a nurse just simple to spare their feelings. The nurses we had most recently through them were not great either so that did not help. I called Maxim this morning to tell them of the change.

I am really looking forward to meeting the new nurse and case manager tomorrow. From our talks on the phone I have a really good feeling about this. It is so great to be on the road to routine again.

Casey has a full week of therapies this week (as usual). She can wear her costume to Dell on Thursday and Friday. We invited one of her little friends over on Saturday too. I will have to get some pics of her in her costume and post them later this week. The costumes were on sale. Since she has 3 occasions to wear them I bought her 2 costumes this year. She can be Minnie Mouse on day and a purple witch the next. I am sure she will look super cute.

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween 🙂

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