We’re Moving!!!!

As many of you may know, we have been trying to find a single story home for Casey for a while now.  The bigger she gets the more space she needs and we are running out of room on our first floor here.  Well, I am very excited to announce that we have found a place and we are moving later this month. 

Our house sold officially yesterday.  We are leasing it back through August.  We found a few single story homes we like in the Round Rock/Pflugerville area.  After a lot of work, and careful consideration we have picked the one that works best for us.  We will wait until we close on it to share the address (I don’t want to jinx anything).   I can tell you all that it is in South West Round Rock. 

Casey was not happy about us showing our current house.  We had a stager come in that had us put a bunch of things away.  Casey yelled at her when she suggested we move or pack any of Casey’s things.  Then when people would come to see the house we would hang out in her room out of the way.  With all of her medical equipment we could not just up and leave for showings.  She did not like strangers coming into her house.  That part is all over now, thank goodness.  Early on she was really anxious about everything.  We tried to make her excited about the move.  We told her she could redecorate her room however she wanted.  She loves to shop and it did help distract her some.  She has picked fairies for her new room.  I really expected her to go with ponies, but she wants a fairy bedroom.  It should arrive later this week, but she doesn’t get to see it until we move.  She is going to have a really hard time in the last few days when everything has to be packed up.  We will use the fairy room as motivation to try and keep her from totally freaking out.  She got so worked up early on that we saw an increase in seizures.  I think they were stressed induced.

We have a lot of work to do in the next few weeks, but we are really excited.  A single story home is going to be so much easier for all of us.  Since we are changing school districts now, I think we will try home-bound school one more time (fingers crossed). 

We’ll post pictures and more details soon. 

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