What’s Happening…

We met Casey’s new Pulmonary doctor this week. He is not close to the house so Tim had to go with us to drive so I could sit with Casey in the back. We went during lunch and they were able to get us in and out pretty quick so Tim was able to get back to work right away. In addition to getting us in and out quickly, the doctor was really good. He was very comfortable around Casey. We have had many doctors freak out when they here her gurgles; this doctor was not freaked out at all. He had some ideas of things we have not tried that may help manage some of Casey’s secretions. Hopefully we will see some good results.

We see the ENT next week. They will check Casey’s ear tubes. Hopefully she won’t need new ones for a while. With Casey’s reflux and suctioning we need to be sure that her throat stays healthy too.

Casey was seeing Dr. Bill for her eyes in Santa Monica. Our plan was to go back and see him once a year while we are there for her yearly stem cell therapy. We just found out that in Texas in order for Casey to get her vision therapy started back up that she has to see a Texas eye doctor and they have to give her a Texas state eye exam. I asked around and found a good doctor, but as always they have a long wait. We are going to see the eye doctor in mid March. The program that provides Casey’s services is already working on getting a vision therapist lined up. Once we get in to see the doctor and have the state paper work done then the therapist should be ready to start right away.

Later in March we will take Casey to Houston to meet the last of the team of doctors. Her previous ortho went to school with and highly recommended him. I did some internet research to check him out. We are excited to meet him. We really hope that we like him as much as we liked her previous ortho.

We are working with Casey’s PT to get her a stander. We have one to try out that Casey seems to like. Hopefully we can get one ordered for Casey soon. We are also getting ready to order Casey’s chair.

A friend of ours works at a hospital in Indiana. The hospital did a fundraiser for Casey and raised over $500. It is really going to help out with the chair. Thank you so much to everyone at Pinnacle Hospital. Thank you to everyone else that has contributed as well. The chair is going to make it so much easier for Casey to get out and about.

We have some family coming over Saturday to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Casey loves parties so I am sure she will have a good time. We were all invited to a party at the company I used to work for on Monday. Casey gets to go to all kinds of parties in the next week. It won’t be much longer before she turns 2 and the party will be for her.

I had not been feeling great since my surgery just before the new year. I saw my surgeon about it before we left and she sent me to urology. After all kinds of tests a CT Scan finally showed that I have multiple stones in both of my kidneys. Apparently one of the larger ones on the right side had fallen into a position where it was causing problems. I went in last week and they did a procedure called Lithotripsy. They put me under then used special shock waves to break everything up. Surprisingly I was really sore for many days after the treatment. I actually had the same pains I had with my appendix. I am better now, but it was not fun at all. I have a follow up next week with the doctor. I have to take in the stones that passed so that they can determine what type of stone they are. I drink a ton of water so I don’t think that is what caused them. Hopefully they can find out more when they send them off to the lab. I guess we will just have to wait and see. At least nothing ruptured this time 🙂

Tim has been trying to get back into a regular work out routine. He is going to do the Chicago Tri this year with his brother. He has been trying to get back on his bike, run and swim. It was really hard for him to have to wait so long from his back surgery. He seems much happier now that he is physically healthy enough to work out again.

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