XRay Report

When I spoke with Casey’s pulmonologist he was pretty busy. He had been given the report orally and did not have the written report in front of him. After I spoke with him Casey’s nursing service called. They had the full report. I am so impressed with my little wonder girl. I asked her this morning to tell me where it hurt. I would go over different areas on her body and every time I asked about her lungs she would say yes when I would touch the lower right area. She did this consistently. When Maxim gave me the report I was amazed. In her lower right lung there is a consolidation or collection of fluid/bacteria. It is isolated to the lower right area. She was exactly right. Poor baby. I just gave her the first dose of antibiotic. I need to contact her therapists and get her the week off to rest now. The medicine is a 10 day cycle. I hope to see improvements soon since we caught it fairly early. I will keep you posted on her progress.

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