3 Months

3 months old today! It seems like just yesterday that we had her and at the same time it seems like we have had her with us forever. I took Casey up to St John’s NICU today to visit with some of her nurses during her first month. There were many great nurses at both hospitals, but there was one in specific that Casey had at St John’s that she really bonded with. Casey recognized her right away and seemed to really enjoy the visit. I think the nurses enjoyed Casey’s visit too.

It has been REALLY hot in Santa Monica lately. With out an AC our apartment has been nearly unbearable. Tim and John went all over West LA yesterday shopping for window units that we would get to work in our unconventional windows. After many hours of searching they finally found one that would work. While Casey and I were visiting her nurses Tim and John installed the unit. It is so much nicer at home now. Casey was very happy to nap with a blanket this afternoon.

Casey has been practicing rolling over, holding her head up, making noises, etc a lot and she is doing great. She really is the most affectionate baby I have ever seen. She loves to cuddle and give hugs and Eskimo kisses. I have to say Casey hugs & kisses have become my favorite things. She is really doing great and continues to develop a little more every day.

Casey’s billi count continues to come down. We expect that this week, maybe next, should be her last on the billi meds. It will be nice to have one less medication to give her.

Casey’s GI and surgeon are talking to try and come up with a long term plan for her continued reflux issue. Her GI mentioned some changes to her medication to see if it would help, I am guessing we will start there. Hopefully we will get it resolved quickly. We have figured out that Casey’s anti vibration is not from secretions, but rather from reflux. If we stop her feeds in time for her to digest most of what is in her belly before putting her in the car or stroller she seems fine. She is only upset in the vibrations when she is feeding and has to fight back reflux. That’s actually a really good discovery. This means that once GI and her surgeon fix the reflux issue we should be able to get Casey out and about a lot easier and therefore more frequently than we do now.

PT is scheduled to come tomorrow morning. Finally!!!! It will be really nice to get her into a schedule with a real PT. Tim and I do what we can, but we only can do what we were shown. I am sure there is so much more out there that she can be doing.

I think that’s about it for now. We are charging the camera now to get some updated pics posted. As soon as we have some we will post them. She is getting so big.

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