All Clear

We had our pre-op visit today with anesthesia.  It went well.  The nurse listened very carefully as I went over all of the complex issues that they are going to be dealing with.  She quickly identified that Casey is not a typical patient and that they need to be prepared.  She pulled the anesthesiologist into the room to listen to all of the details as well.  I feel like they listened, they took it very seriously, and that they are going to do a good job. 

As much as I hate the thought of surgery at all, I did tell Tim just last night that I have no doubts that we are doing the right thing.  It maybe that we don’t really have any other options so we know it is the right thing, but regardless I feel like we have selected a good team to carry it out and tend to her needs during and after the procedure. 

We are going to spend the next few days just letting Casey do what ever makes her happy (pretty much a normal day- we always do what Casey wants).  Next week is going to be scary, stressful and exhausting.  I feel okay with everything though and I am looking forward to having my happy Casey back soon.  This constant pain has got to go.  Please keep Casey in your thoughts and prayers.  It is going to be a hard procedure and recovery and we can use all the extra positive thoughts we can get.

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