My goodness, I think Casey must be hitting her terrible two stage.  It is nonstop drama around here.  A month or two ago she master this new, totally pathetic cry.  She has learned that the louder she does this the quicker we respond.  I know, don’t respond.  I wish it were that easy.  With her airway issues, in addition to noises, every noise pulls up secretions.  If we do not respond and clear the airway it can go from pathetic cries to a very sick little girl, very quickly.

As I mentioned in the last post, we have been battling a double ear infection.  This has given Casey one more thing to cry about.  Her culture’s came back with MRSA (Staph).  We had to change drops and antibiotics to kill the germ.  Switching means we had to start the cycle all over again.  This antibiotic is a new one to us, and instead of her usually runny & frequent BMs we are having the opposite problem now.  She has been trying to potty, and instead throwing up a lot more than usual.  We are working on trying to balance that out.  We will probably get it figured out about the time her medicine completes. 

Casey had a fun weekend planned, but instead we had to stay home and lay low.  Her friend was having a birthday party on Saturday.  Casey spent the morning crying and whining so we stayed home.  It was a good call, about the time we would have been at the party Casey started having a few seizures.  Not a good day.  She seemed to be doing better Sunday morning.  However, my family came in for lunch and she was not happy.  As soon as people got here she started crying.  The entire family commented on how pathetic the cry sounds. It was only getting worse and she was starting to have seizures again, so I had to take her to a quiet room in the house and just hide out until everyone was ready to leave. 

Our nurse case manager just came by for her monthly paperwork/check in and Casey started the crying again as soon as she tried to talk with the nurse that is here.  She just has no interest in having people in the house right now. 

I hope that she is feeling better in the next couple of days.  We have a fun playgroup planned for Saturday.  I would hate for her to have to miss out on another fun activity. 

We hope that everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer so far.

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