Feeling a little better…

This second round of meds seems to be helping. Casey is a little more perky and active these past few days than she has been in weeks. I really hope that this round gets all of what ever was left out of her system.

It has finally warmed up and the rain has stopped. Once she is all better we can take her swimming. She loves to float in the pool. She got a new swim suit for her birthday that she hasn’t gotten to use yet.

Casey has been growing so much these past few months. She was using an inflatable baby tub but her legs were just getting too long. We decided to go ahead and get her a special needs bath seat. We shopped around for a while. We decided to get her the Snug Seat Manatee. She seems to fit in it pretty good, and it will adjust some so that she should be able to use it for a while. We had to switch out the shower head with a hand shower in order to use the chair. The chair fits in the tub so we didn’t have to do anything else to make it work.

Casey’s doctor gave us the orders for a nurse while we were there on Monday. We talked with a few agencies and finally decided to move forward with Maxim. They have already verified everything with insurance. All we have to do now is interview some nurses and then hopefully pick one. We won’t know until we pick the nurse what type of schedule we will work out. It could be 3 12 hour days, 4 10 hour days or 5 8 hour days a week. It will be nice to have some extra help. It will help us work out a more structured day for Casey too.

I am hoping that at least once a day I can spend an hour or 2 working on my book. If I can have a nurse with with Casey and listen for her while she naps I can use that time to get a lot done. I really want to get my book going. For anyone that has no idea what I am talking about I am writing a book. I am basically writing the story of Casey. It will be similar to this site, but with a lot more detail. We tend to leave out a lot on this site. We try to keep this site a little more of a wrap up than the full story.

I want to use the book for a few things. One, my own form of therapy. Two, to share Casey’s heroic story. Three to let other parents know they are not alone, and it is so worth the fight (everyday). Four, to share some of the lessons we have learned both the good and the bad.

Tim is doing the Austin Tri on Sunday. Other than the race we don’t have much planned for the long weekend. We hope everyone is doing well and enjoys the holiday weekend.

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