Fun Weekend

Casey had a really great long weekend. On Saturday she watched lots of videos. I had her in her chair and put on “Up” for her. She loved it. Most of it I should say. When the mean dog started growling and being mean in the middle she got a little upset. I picked her up until the scene ended then put her down on the couch where she could see to watch the rest. She would talk to the tv every so often – very cute. Then when it was over she yelled for me to put on something else. She was very into videos Saturday.

Sunday her Cappy (my mom) came to visit with John for a little bit. Casey slept through most of the visit though. She tried to wake up a few times to say hello, but for what ever reason she was exhausted Sunday afternoon. She slept a lot, then refused to sleep Sunday night.

Casey slept all morning and into Monday afternoon. However she woke up just in time to play with her new friend Kennady. Kennady came over with her mom and 2 little brothers for an afternoon play date. Everyone had a really good time. Hopefully Casey can have them over again soon.

Sadly the weekend is over. Tim has a busy work week this week so it was nice to have the 3 day weekend. We hope everyone’s weekend was a good one.

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