Good Stuff

We went back to Casey’s pediatrician on Wednesday morning. We were so worried we were going to have to really fight to keep Casey home and out of the hospital. After we got there they checked her out and took some xrays. Shortly after the doctor came back in and told us that her left lung looks much better. She is not 100% just yet, but better. The bad news was that there appeared to be the start of something small on her right lung. Rather than risking the right lung getting bad they sent us home on antibiotics. We are continuing the aggressive breathing treatments with CPT for now as well. We go to see pulmonary on Monday and if all goes well with that appointment we can start to back off the aggressive treatments and get back to her normal 1 or 2 daily treatments.

Also good news, we have a nurse. I was so surprised at how quickly she was able to start. We met her on Tuesday and she is doing a full 12 hour shift with Casey today. Our nurse as well as a person from Maxim came out at 8 this morning. We had to do some paper work to get things started. We finished the paper work around 10 and our nurse (Laura) stayed while Kelly (from Maxim) went back. Casey had Play therapy today. She did really good. It was good for Laura to be able to see Casey doing some of her session exercises. After therapy Casey showed off a little. She did some tummy time and rolled on her ball. Casey likes to show off 🙂

We will spend the day showing Laura all of Casey’s equipment, her sounds, what they mean, etc. Later today we will give Casey a bath too. I am really excited about having some help. We will do 1 12 hour day a week. I think I can get a lot done in 12 hours.

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