The Haps

Casey had her pulmonary appointment on Monday. She did pretty good. She is getting much better about going out in her chair. She still hates the car and doesn’t want to be in her chair at home, but out of the house she seems to finally be relaxing a bit in her chair. She had good oxygen levels and her lungs sound pretty good. She always has a little crackle in her lungs. As for now the doctor talked about stopping a few of her breathing treatments maybe this summer. For now he said “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. We go back in June. Until June Casey will stay on her current respiratory plan.

Next week is spring break. Half of Casey’s therapists are off. Casey’s nurse is changing her days around. It’s going to be a pretty quiet week for Casey and I. Tim still has to work. Casey and I have a pretty clear calendar though. She has a couple therapies on Friday, and that is it. Maybe if the weather is nice she and I can get outside some.

Yesterday another front blew in. This one is cold and wet. It has been raining a lot and today’s highs are in the 40’s. I wish it would just pick one and go with it. Either stay hot or stay cold. I don’t even care which, just pick one already. I remember Texas weather changing a lot when I used to live here, but I don’t remember it being this extreme. We had our AC running on Monday and Tuesday because it was 85-90 outside. Then yesterday it was in the 40’s. It’s just crazy.

I am going to drive up to Dallas on Saturday with my grandparents. My nephew is turning 4. Tim and Casey have decided stay sit this one out. Car rides are so hard on her. Then add the crazy weather and I am sure at least a handful of other kids. It’s just too much for her. She’ll have her own party at home next month. No driving required, she can stay home and have the party come to her.

Real quick I want to give props to Kaz. Kaz is the parent company of a lot of over the counter medical products. Specificly Vick’s thermometers. I recently had some issues with ours and when I contacted customer support they more than took care of it. They responded very quick and went out of their way to make sure that the customer is satisified. It’s nice that some companies still value customers.

There is not much going on next week, so I may not have anything to post. I hope everyone has a fun, and safe spring break.

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