Hard Day

Friday started the weekend out so well. We got the call to cancel the bronc, then we heard her xray had shown some improvements. Then Saturday and Sunday the xray stayed pretty much the same. We were hoping to back off a few treatments, but that has not happened just yet.

Last night around 3AM Casey’s nurse woke me up to tell me Casey had a big poop. We had the RT come in so we could turn off the bipap (she is still on bipap 10 hours a night). He got her shut down, and we got her all cleaned up. From 3-6AM she had about 4 more runny poops. Each one got her a little more upset than the one before. We would get her out of the mask, clean her up, then get her back in (suctioning all along the way). She was scheduled to come off the mask at 7AM. We tried so hard to make it. Casey was having a really hard time on the mask being so worked up. We called the RT in and got her off the mask around 6:30. After about 20-30 minutes with a lot of suctioning, diapers, and positioning she was back to where she needed to be.

As I got some much needed sleep Tim and Casey hung out all morning. She was doing pretty good. She had her breathing treatments and the poops seemed to have stopped. I got up around 11 and pitched in. She really had a good morning and afternoon. She sat in her chair a while. Some of the staff brought in some music for her to listen to as well. Aside from the 3-7ish start the day seemed to be going pretty well.

Out of nowhere around 4 Casey started to have a really hard time. Her heart rate was climbing fast and she was really uncomfortable. Her nurse gave her tylenol, motrin and her pain medicine. With all of that Casey still continued to get more and more worked up. They took a temp and she had spiked a 103 fever. They took some blood and urine collections. They also started her back on a couple antibiotics. She went from having such a good day to being just miserable so quick. It took us until about 8PM to get her temperature back under control.

Hopefully the collections will give them some idea of what caused the fever. She is comfortable now so that is good. She just got settled in for the night. The bipap is started and she appears to be nodding off. We are really hoping for a better night tonight.

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