Her Very Own Chili’s

For anyone that does not already know, Casey is a big fan of Chili’s.  Anytime she gets to go out to lunch she always picks Chili’s.  Casey has always done her own thing.  I think most 6 year-old girls would pick Chuck E. Cheese or McDonalds.  Not my Casey, she wants Chili’s. 

One of Casey’s favorite nurses, Maritza, has been with us off and on since Casey was 2.  Maritza is moving back to Houston at the end of the month.  We are very sad to see her go, but she has promised to come visit.  She has family in Austin so I think she will visit as often as she can.  She kind of loves Casey too, so I am sure she will want to visit as often as she can.  Casey wanted to do something special for her so we have been planning on taking her to lunch at Chili’s (of course) today.  Casey is still having a really hard with pain and crying. 

This morning Casey said that she wanted to go to Chili’s.  We got her dressed and ready, but it was not looking good.  The entire time we were getting her ready she just cried and cried.  Then after she kept crying and required non-stop suctioning.  Rather than risk her getting worse, especially since she never does well in the car, we offered to bring Chili’s to her. 

Casey doesn’t eat (at least not in the traditional sense) so the idea of take-out is a little odd.  She loves to sit at the table and look at the menu.  We called in an order then I went to pick it up.  I explained how much she loves Chili’s but that she wasn’t up for going out.  They let me take a full size menu home for her to read while we ate.  When I got home Maritza had made a Chili’s sign just for Casey.  Casey LOVES it.  She was so happy looking at her sign that she didn’t care about sitting at the table anymore.  Now Casey has her own Chili’s. 

We still don’t have any answers on the crying and pain.  Her neuro is out of town this week, but the nurse is talking with the other doctors to try and come up with something to do for Casey while we wait for the doctor to get back.  We expect them to call back today with some ideas and a plan to try.  I really hope what ever they suggest works.  It may take a few tries to get it right.  As long as are finally going in the right direction I will be happy.

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