Back to Usual

The holidays are over and we have been busy getting back on schedule. Casey had a pulmonary appointment last week. She did good. This was one of our better pulmonary appointments. I don’t know why, but she usually seems to get worked up right as the doctor comes in to see her. Then I look like a crazy person trying to convince him that she usually breaths better and doesn’t always sound that bad. This appointment is the first I can remember with him that Casey stayed calm. He seemed happy with how she is doing. No changes from him for now.

This week Casey has to get her earls cleaned/checked again. She hates that part. Thankfully it is quick then she is done for a couple months. It is still better than the alternative (ear reconstructive surgery). All of Casey’s therapies have started back up too.

Her PT at Dell broke her arm ice skating over the holiday. The past couple of sessions with have been with another therapist. The cast came off last week just after we left. This week we have some other stuff going on, but Casey will be back with her starting next. Casey always does better if she knows/trusts the therapist.

All of Casey’s school therapies have started back now as well. Tim and I have a meeting coming up soon to talk about the steps taken since mediation and see what is next.

We got some really exciting news this weekend. One of Casey’s favorite nurses took another job a while back. She has come by to visit from time to time, but has not been able to work with Casey since her license expired. She sent us a message saying she is legal again. She is going to do some respite. I don’t know how often, but I know Casey will be thrilled. It’s great for Tim and I too. It makes it so much easier to leave the house when we know that Casey is safe and happy with her respite nurses. I don’t know how we have gotten so lucky. We have 4 wonderful respite nurses now. They all have other full time jobs. Between them we are able to get out of the house almost weekly 🙂

Casey has a great night nurse. She works 5 nights a week. We hope that they can find someone to cover the other 2 nights sometime soon. We are still looking for a primary day nurse too. We have one day nurse that can do 2 days a week. We really like her, but we need a full time person. We have another that has been picking up 1 day. She is in school and as of 1/19 she is no longer available. I know we will find one eventually. It is just taking a while.

I think that is about it for now. As always, we hope everyone is doing well.

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