HUGE News!!!!

Today was a great day. Casey had her follow-up pulmonary appointment. He was happy with her xray (no more collapse). We talked about BiPAP and how much she has been fighting it over the past week or so. We talked about her overall status, improvements, risks, etc. After going over everything the doctor decided to D/C (discontinue) BiPAP. We don’t get to get rid of it, but Casey does not have to be on it regularly anymore. We packed it up as soon as we got home. The plan is that in the future if she shows signs of any kind of respiratory issues (which she does off and on through the year) we put her back on BiPAP at night until she recovers. We also call pulmonary and will most likely start antibiotics at that time as well. We are very happy with the new plan.

We still have night nursing right now. We are going to see how this week goes. Taking care of Casey off BiPAP is 100% different than on. We will see how the night nurse adjusts to the change. If things go well then maybe we can keep night nursing a few days a week. It is nice to get a break a few nights a week and really sleep. Hopefully everything will work out well.

I am really looking forward to Casey sleeping through the night again. Once we get her back on a good sleep schedule we will start working on getting her to eat in her stomach again. I love days like today 🙂

We hope everyone is doing well. Casey starts back water therapy Thursday. She is going to be so excited. We will post more later about her off BiPAP progress.

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