Latest Update

We are under 80 days until we are due now. Won’t be much longer and we will have a new member to our family.

I posted details on our surprise baby shower in Indiana, and promised to post pictures as soon as I had some.

We were in Austin last week and had another baby shower while we were there. It was really nice. My sister (Megan) invited a bunch of my friends and family over and we had a really nice time. Tim and the guys went to eat BBQ while the girls all stayed back at Megan’s. There was lot of yummy food, and of course, cake. The weather was really bad, so a few people were not able to make it the drive in. Katie (one of Megan’s best friend’s) makes great cakes. She found a duck cake that had little duckling cupcakes to go with it. It was very cute. Megan decorated the rest of the house with ducks as well. It was very cute. I love all the baby duck stuff we have been given from everyone. Here are some pics from the shower in Austin.Tim and I were really lucky. With the 2 showers and all of our wonderful family and friends we really got a lot of great stuff to help us get started with the baby. There were a few things we still needed so we went shopping yesterday. We had a lot of fun grabbing all kinds of stuff at the baby store yesterday. I think we are almost ready with the nursery. We just need to get a few more small items then it’s ready. We have been moved from ever 4 weeks to every 2 weeks for doctor appointments now. We had one on Friday that went well. We didn’t get an ultrasound this time, they just listened to the heartbeat and checked all of my normal stuff (weight, blood pressure, etc). They said the heartbeat sounds good and strong. It was cool to hear it. The only other time we have heard it was early on. They said it is about 150-160 right now. Tim just finished putting together the baby swing that we picked up yesterday. I think I will go check it out now. I hope everyone is doing well, and I will post pictures of the nursery as soon as we have it ready. Should not be much longer.

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