Latest Updates

Casey had a really nice Christmas. We hope all of you did as well. She got lots of new toys, clothes and books. All of her favorite things.

Last week we had her ENT appointment. The appointment was way over due. I knew it was going to be rough. Casey was really upset that he had to clean her ears out. We will go back again in 2 months next time. Before we ended up in the hospital every 2 months was pretty good. The stuff was not super thick and he was able to get it out pretty quick and easily. Hopefully her next appointment will be an easy one.

Casey went back on Tuesday for another chest xray. I still have not heard from her pulmonologist. I really hope he calls soon to get his take on the image. We really want to be able to get her off BiPAP soon. Some nights are not bad, but some nights she really fights it.

Casey started her outpatient therapies back up at Dell this week too. She had OT on Tuesday. It went really well. She did a good job bending. We will start water therapy next week. She is going to be so excited to get back in the water. I am not looking forward to getting into a swim suit this close to the holidays. It makes her happy though so I will have to just get over it.

We have a new nurse coming in the morning. If she works out she will be picking up Mondays moving forward. She will also be available when Casey’s other day nurse can not make it. I hope it goes well.

That’s about it for now. We are looking forward to a nice quiet New Year’s this year. We are also looking forward to a good 2010. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe time where ever and how ever you are ringing in the new year.

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