Latest Updates

On Thursday Casey got to hang out with her nurse all day. They had lots of fun. While they were playing Casey’s purple pads showed up for her stander. Tim got them put on pretty quick. It looks so much more Casey now 🙂 Black is just to boring for a kids color.

I had a nice visit with my grandparents on Saturday. We went to lunch and just hung out for a while. It really is great to be back in Texas and visit with them and the rest of my family and friends in the area.

Tim started week 2 of his 2 week vacation today. He hasn’t had a chance to relax yet, but he has gotten a lot done. I think he is going to spend most of this week getting ready for his Chicago race coming up next month.

Not a lot going on this week. We have a few follow-ups with most of Casey’s doctors over the next month. These are just follow-up visits though, nothing major. I think the only appointment we are waiting on is ENT for Casey’s ear tubes.

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