Long Week

Poor baby partied a little too hard last week. Casey did really great all weekend with company in town and her party. On Monday morning we took her to see her pulmonary doctor before Theresa and Larry had to head back to Indiana. She was a little fussy, and the doctor said she sounded a little more congested than normal, but other than that she was doing really well. After her appointment we had lunch with family then said our goodbyes to Theresa and Larry.

A few hours after we got home Casey started getting worked up. She was really junky and crying a lot. She started running a temp. and by Tuesday afternoon I was on the phone with all of her doctors trying to get her medication. She was spiking pretty high fevers and definitely had come down with something. Sadly we could not get in to a doctor until Wednesday. Which of course meant that we spent her birthday in the doctor’s office.

The doctor ran all kinds of tests, took xrays, and all that good stuff. After a few hours and a shot of antibiotic we were finally on our way back home. We have 10 days of antibiotics to finish at home. The xray did not show anything, but her blood work and temp made the doctor think she has a pneumonia.

The good news is that we caught it early and got the drugs started up pretty quick. Today she started to perk up a little. She is still really congested, but the fevers are under control. She was able to sit up for a while and watch Nemo this afternoon. We will keep her calm and resting all weekend. With rest and medicine she should be back to causing trouble soon.

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