Lost Pet

I have seen people put up posters for lost dogs, cats, even birds but never a fish. I honestly don’t know what happened to Casey’s sucker fish. If I thought there were a chance for him to come back home I would put up the “Lost Pet” poster for him.

Every so often I have to give her fish tank a good cleaning. I went in to do this morning. I saw Al, the 2 shrimp, but could not find the sucker anywhere. I search in the plant, in the rocks, everywhere he likes to hide but he was nowhere to be found. I proceeded to clean the tank. After I got most of it done and still could not find the sucker I decided to dump it and start fresh. I moved the other fish to another location and went about pulling everything out of the tank. Still no sucker. Then I opened up the filter to see if he got sucked in, no. He is was just missing.

I decided that Tim must have found him dead and flushed him and just not mentioned it. So I asked and he said that he did not take the sucker out either. How does a person lose a fish?! It’s not like he ran away, I don’t think. The only other option we have come up with is that the beta (Al) must have eaten him. So weird.

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