Marty moving and Casey Updates

It looks like Marty will be moving out of ICU today into the post-partem recovery area today if things stay stable. This is great since we are on the 2nd floor right now and post-partem is on the 4th floor across from NICU.

Casey had head ultrasound and EEG done yesterday but the specialist was not in to read the results as she had an accident and broke her pelvis! This morning they will be trying to find someone else to do this. They have said Casey may get a CT scan today based on the results.

Casey is getting about 60% oxygen and is getting help from the ventilator at about 25 breathes per minute. She is breathing much faster than that, but they are very small. They will be trying to gradually wean her off the oxygen and ventilator support, but it took take days/weeks for this to occur based on how she responds at each level.

That’s all for now – will update more later…

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