Over the River…

Nope, no river, no woods, just a few blocks for Casey to get to her Great Grandma & Great Grandpa’s new place. My mom and John came in this weekend and helped us get my grandparents moved in to a great new place right around the corner. It is so great to have them close by (no more driving to Temple to see them). It made for a busy holiday weekend.

Casey had a busy day yesterday. She started off with school. She did great, she answered all of the questions and participated for the full time. Then she had an ENT doctor appointment. She hates to get her ears cleaned 🙁 It is not fun for any of us. No matter how bad the 5-10 minutes of cleaning are, they don’t compare to what she would go through to have the cholesteotoma reconstructed. I will take a few minutes every 3 months instead of surgery any day. Yesterday evening we finished the day with Casey’s first trip to see my grandparents new place. She was so tired when we got home.

We are about to head to see the pulmonologist. Hopefully this will be a quick and easy appointment. Then we have about a month with out any more doctor appointments. As always, we hope everyone is doing well.

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