Quick Health Update and Some Fun Stuff…

Casey has been to a handful of doctor appointments since our last post.  Infectious disease has her on a 6 week course of antibiotics to hopefully finally clear out the cdiff.  Casey’s neuro changed her medications a little to hopefully get her seizures more controlled.  Casey’s GI is helping to keep Casey comfortable with tummy aches while we get her over cdiff.  We took Casey to get fitted for a new orthotic.  This one will be designed to hold her arms in a position that will open her chest up a little.  It won’t correct her barrel chest, but the hope is that it will keep it from getting worse and help keep her lungs from being impacted.  They are having to do the entire thing custom (as is everything for Casey) so it will take a little while to get it done.  It may take a few tries to get it right, but hopefully once we do it will help her a lot.

Now to the fun stuff….

Casey did not make it to her first Girl Scout meeting, but she did make it to this weeks meeting.  She was so excited to wear her uniform and go play with her friends.  Her troop has 7 girls, including her.  She knew 4 of them and she was happy to make 2 new friends.  They did crafts, read a story, worked on a group/teamwork project and had lots of fun.  She is looking forward to going back very soon.

She made it back to her dance class too.  She loves to dance and was very chatty telling her friends how much she missed them while she was out sick. 

We have tried out the heater on the pool.  It works pretty well.  Hopefully she can get in some more pool time before it gets too cold.  She has been getting some swing time too.  She loves when Daddy grills- while he is on the patio cooking dinner she gets to hang out on the swing 🙂  I love when Daddy grills too!

This weekend we had my sisters, Cappy & Grandpa John, and GP over to celebrate October birthdays.  Casey had a good time visiting with family.  She told them all about her Halloween plans and showed them the ghost she made in Girl Scouts. 

After the birthday celebration Casey went to a Trunk or Treat.  A local hospital hosts one each year for kids with special needs.  We missed it last year, but Casey had fun this year.  About half of the trunks (sponsors) had non-food treats as well as candy.  Hopefully each year more and more people add non-food treats to their goodies.  One booth had the Mommies of Miracles decal up spreading the word about our Trick-or-Treat Program.  That was pretty great to see.  Casey has 2 costumes this year.  She wore her Boo costume to the trunk-or-treat.  She was pretty cute Boo.

If you have not already, be sure to pick up some non-food treats and print out your decal and/or register your address to let kids know you are participating in this year’s Trick-or-Treat Program.  As extra incentive this year, every registered address is entered for a chance to win one of three $50 Walmart Gift Card.  Anyone that shares pictures of the decal on their home and/or pictures of their kid wearing the badge will be entered for a chance as well.  Full details on how to enter- click here.  Casey (and Tim & I) had our picture in the paper yesterday with a story about the Trick-or-Treat Program. 

Casey has a few routine appointments coming up and lots of fun stuff planned for Halloween.  We’ll post again soon with more updates.  Until then, we hope everyone is doing well.

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