Tummy Troubles

tummy troublesCasey’s ear infection last week was really bad so they put her on an oral antibiotic as well as her normal drops. Antibiotics do such a number on her poor tummy. We have been swimming in poopy diapers all this week. The antibiotics run for 10 days and the tummy issues kick in around day 3 and last for the rest of the run (plus a day or 2). She will finish this round on Monday. She is breaking our hearts in the meantime. Her tummy just grumbles and roars and she is so miserable. She has been crying and not sleeping well. Come on Monday, get here quick!!!

On Wednesday Casey had her routine Ortho appointment. She is 53 pounds now!!!! This is the little girl that had to work so hard to gain any weight for her first 7 years of life, and really was so underweight. She was 28 pounds after her surgery in 2013. 53 is amazing for her. We got an order for another wheelchair evaluation as well as a bath chair evaluation. In addition to adding pounds, she has added inches too. She is hanging over both ends of her chairs now. It takes months for stuff like this to get ordered, so we figured it was time to get started. Her next Ortho appointment is in 9 months. Hopefully we will have all of this worked out before then. She’ll get some images done at her next appointment to check her spine and problematic joints.

Our new night nurses are all getting trained. I think once we have Casey sleeping again (off of antibiotics & feeling better) we can all get back to sleeping at night. I am more than excited about that idea. We are doing our best to make up for sleeping away the summer. Casey got some swing time Thursday and we hope to get some pool time as soon as her ear is healed. Luckily it is still warm around here for a few more months.

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