Last week I mentioned that Casey got sick Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday she seemed like things were going better. We did not have any fevers, and she was pretty alert. Wednesday night she refused to go to sleep. Her night nurse said she finally went to sleep around 12:30. The nurse also mentioned her lungs sounding a bit crackly. The morning nurse noticed the lung sounds as well Thursday morning and they seemed to be getting worse. We also started suctioning lots of nasty looking stuff out of Casey. Needless to say, we made a few calls to doctors.

Casey’s pulmonary had us come in for chest xrays. Casey has pneumonia in her right lung. We are pretty sure she was so exhausted after the movie that she fell asleep instead of coughing up the food she had refluxed. When she woke up Tuesday with the spiked fever and I suctioned out a lot of food, I think she had already aspirated on some of it. Aspirations are no fun, but at least they are not contagious. Casey started on an antibiotic Thursday afternoon. The secretions are looking much better already. She is still having some breathing issues. We have added extra breathing treatments that seem to help.

On Saturday Casey was planning on going to her holiday party. She had been looking forward to it for weeks. This is a special party for kids in the Blind Services Program (many of the kids are a lot like Casey). They have Santa and all kinds of accessible fun for the kids. She was doing better, but still sick yesterday morning. She got very excited about going to the party when we talked about it. Since she isn’t contagious, and had been looking forward to seeing Santa for so long, we decided to go to the last 30 minutes of the party- just enough time to see Santa. She did great. I was torn on taking her, but I am glad that we did. She LOVES Santa. She told him everything she wanted as soon as she saw him.

We are hoping she is up for going to school this week. She hasn’t been since Thanksgiving. She had her ear infection and as soon as that cleared up this started. Ugh! It is the last week of school before Christmas break. We will just have to play it by ear.

We hope that everyone is doing well. Have a great week 🙂

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