Last week was pretty quiet around here. We were way over due for a quiet week. We did get back to our busy schedule this week however.

In addition to all of Casey’s usual therapies she had a few extra appointments. On Wednesday Casey had an ENT appointment. We had been seeing some drainage and worried that she may have an infection. Sure enough, her left ear was infected. We caught it early this time. Hopefully it will get all cleared up quickly.

After ENT Casey had her teeth cleaned at the dentist. My kid is so weird. She is the only kid I know that LOVES the dentist. Casey was so excited to go and just has the best time. They are great with her over there.

We are still working on getting Casey some regular cranio therapy sessions. The group we found came by to do an evaluation on Thursday afternoon. I expect they will be in touch soon to set up a regular weekly appointment.

Thursday was fun. Casey had music therapy. After Casey sang we went out to lunch. Casey likes to lunch with girls. She read the menu and chatted for a bit. Then she fell asleep watching the people around her. After lunch she had PT. Then we got home just in time to meet the cranio therapist.

Some family is coming by for lunch today. Casey always enjoys visits with family. As always, we hope everyone is well.

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