Oh, I have not posted in a while. What a crazy few weeks we have had. Shortly after my last post Casey got really sick. She had fevers, crying all the time, her secretions were really thick and nasty, and she was just miserable. We had to take a culture already to get a new reading for pulmonary, so instead of it being a well reading they rushed it to see what was going on. She had a pretty nasty infection and got started on antibiotics and additional breathing treatments right away. A few days after starting the antibiotics she finally started to perk up a little. The antibiotic is for 14 days and the additional breathing treatment goes for 28. She will finish up the antibiotic Friday. She started back up with her routine late last week. She ended up missing a few week of therapies. She is feeling much better now. She is not back to her usual sleeping pattern just yet (which is hard on all of us) and she is still having a lot of drainage. She is playing and her fevers are finally gone though.

Over the weekend Megan got all moved into her new place. I went by late Sunday afternoon and she had already unpacked almost everything. I was impressed, she got a lot done. She ended up getting a place not real far so it makes it easy if we need her or she needs us for anything.

Both Tim’s and my mom have been traveling lately. My mom jut got back from Columbia where she spent 2 weeks for work following a 2 week stay in Aruba. She is really happy to be home. She still hasn’t had time home to deal with Ike’s wrath. I think she and John may come by later this month. Tim’s mom had a fun trip. His brother Ken and his wife Jen surprised their 2 girls with a trip to Disney and the grandparents went too. I am sure they all had a blast. I have not talked to Jen yet, but I can’t wait to hear how the girls reacted to the surprise.

Not a lot else has been going on. We have just been getting over Casey being sick and Tim has been really busy with work. We are trying to decide where to go for our anniversary later this month. This will 3 years married! Wow, it has flown by. As always, we hope everyone is doing well. I will do my best to post sooner next time, and to include pictures.

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