Casey has been doing really good. She and her new nurse have been getting to know each other. We all went swimming yesterday morning. Casey showed Laura how well she can float. After swimming Casey had 2 therapies scheduled and had to get a bath. With such a busy morning she crashed right as her second therapy was starting. We ended up having to reschedule. Once Casey decides to sleep you can’t do much to keep her up. After Casey took a good nap she and her nurse played and read stories while I got some errands done. I have really been able to get a lot done with Laura here.

Later yesterday Casey started getting a little worked up. She was sounding wheezy and her heart rate was up. She didn’t have a fever, just seemed to be uncomfortable. We have been doing a few extra breathing treatments (not the stinky ones that make her upset). She doesn’t seem wheezy anymore. Now she is just really tired and has a runny nose. I think she may have worn herself down yesterday with all her excitement. Then with her system tire she may have caught a small cold. Tim and I both just got over colds so I guess we should not be surprised that she got it. Hopefully it is a quick one and she feels better in no time. She doesn’t have anything on the schedule for today so we are just resting and taking it easy.

Some exciting news, Casey’s chair will be here Thursday!!! We can not wait. I will take lots of pictures as soon as we get it all adjusted for her. Also, her stander is set to ship out Friday or Monday. We should get it next Wednesday or Thursday. We have been busy this week cleaning out closets and the therapy room to make room for all the new stuff. Gotta love Craig’s List 🙂

Congratulations to Jason and Elizabeth. They had a little girl (Maya Swan) on Friday.

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