Wait… There’s More

Casey’s updates ended up taking much longer than I expected so I figured I would do the rest in a different post.

Tim is the youngest of 7 so there are a handful of nieces and nephews on his side.  The first niece got married at the end of June.  Since we did not have weekend nursing and Casey has been having issues we had to miss it, but we do with Katelyn and her new husband all the best.  We wish we could have been there with the rest of the family.

Right after the wedding Tim’s mom went into the hospital (planned).  She had one surgery on Monday then a second surgery on Wednesday the first week in July.  The surgeries were both major, but went well.  She is home now and recovering.  Recovery is hard and she is not feeling great, but she is on the mend and we hope that each day she is feeling better than the day before.

My uncle had surgery today to replace one of his hips and goes in soon to have the other one done.  Surgery went well and we hope he has a smooth and speedy recovery.

My sister is going to have surgery on Wednesday to have a cyst in her throat removed.  Her recovery should be pretty quick, but I am sure she will have a rough week and weekend.

It seems like our family is all taking turns under the knife the summer.  We hope that after my sister’s surgery this week that everyone can stay home and stay healthy and enjoy the rest of their summers.  I am getting to know hospitals, procedures, etc way to well for not being a medical professional.

On another note, we did find a new night nurse for most weekends.  She is just starting to learn Casey, but we are hopeful.  Maybe by the end of July we will be able to go out to dinner or something.  It takes so long to learn Casey when Casey is doing well.  With Casey having so many issues lately it makes it that much harder to train a new nurse.  This one is really sweet and is catching on to things pretty quick.  There is light at the end of the sleepless tunnel šŸ™‚

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